A Week With A View

There’s an impressive amount of photography on Flickr. There are some amazing photos on there from amateur and professional photographers. Here’s a blogging exercise I’d like you to try this coming week. Find a beautiful photo licensed for Creative Commons use, a moving photo, a stunning, stirring photo each day this week. Tag it #wwav – Week With A View – and post it on your blog with a short description of why the photo is beautiful, then share the heck out of it so that we can all see some of the best, most beautiful photography available online.

General Guidelines & Suggestions

  • Yes, absolutely they can be your own photos as long as they’re Creative Commons licensed.
  • Post a photo a day from June 29, 2009 – July 4, 2009.
  • Link and give full credit to the photographer!
  • Ideally, they should be Creative Commons commercially licensed so that you can post them on a corporate blog, too.
  • Search for keywords of things that YOU personally find beautiful. Everyone always seems to search for sunsets. What do YOU like?
  • TAG YOUR BLOG POSTS! TAG YOUR TWEETS! The whole point is to see what OTHER people find beautiful.

Here’s a set of screenshots from Flickr’s Advanced Search.

Flickr: Advanced SearchFlickr: Advanced Search sunset - Flickr: Search

Ready? Show the world.

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A Week With A View 1 A Week With A View 2 A Week With A View 3

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