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I was prepping for a presentation at College of the Holy Cross and noticed that Twitter had, at least for posting updates, ground to a halt this morning. There are a lot of folks in the social media space positioning themselves as Twitter experts, Twitter consultants, Twitter this or thats, and that’s cool.

Here’s the part I wonder about: what’s your plan B? Suppose the outage had lasted all day? All week? Suppose Twitter ran out of VC money entirely and had to shut down? What’s your plan B? Twitter isn’t like email, where you can just slap up another SMTP server and the mail keeps flowing – if Twitter goes down, everything tied to it goes down.

If you’re positioning Twitter to clients, what do you tell them Plan B is?

If Twitter is essential to your business or marketing communications (or your clients), do you have any way of establishing contact with those folks who follow you, or does your business shut down when Twitter shuts down?

Food for thought.

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Do you have a Twitter Plan B? 1 Do you have a Twitter Plan B? 2 Do you have a Twitter Plan B? 3

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