Ultimate Search Engine Optimization

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What’s the ultimate search engine optimization?

The same thing that everyone has been saying for years – content. Good content rules all.

One of my Student Loan Network coworkers came back from an SES (Search Engine Strategies) conference yesterday with an interesting tidbit:

Search engine algorithms are getting so sophisticated now that they’re starting to mimic human behavior.

Think about that for a second. That means an eventual end to stupidity like doorway pages, keyword bait, and all the other tricks that the SEO industry has promoted over the years. An end to pointless linkbait, Digg articles that are misleading at best, and best of all, the endless flow of emails from folks saying, “Let’s exchange links between my crappy PPC (pills/porn/casino) site and your reputable little blog”.

Good content. That means the skillsets for future SEO professionals will likely include:

  1. Excellent writing
  2. Audio engineering – because great video starts with great audio
  3. Video creation and editing
  4. Web design and development
  5. Graphic arts
  6. Marketing and sales skills

Funny enough, that looks like a list of skills at any major media outlet. The evolution of “new media” and “social media” to just media continues.

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