Five Step Method of Protecting Yourself From Negative Influences

There’s a lot of chaos and negativity in the world; a quick glance at the evening news is practically enough to send anyone to the psychiatrist. Negative energy, negative thinking, can sap you of your energy and torpedo your motivation. There is, however, a proven five step method for reducing the influence of negative energy on you. Note that it won’t necessarily change the sources of negativity, but the method will reduce its impact on you, its ability to take your focus off the things that matter most. In this series, we’ll explore the method and how you can make it work for you.

The method is derived from the teachings of Stephen K. Hayes, a master instructor of ninjutsu and founder of the To-Shin Do system of self-protection. For more information, be sure to visit his site.

To use this method, try to focus on one part for each day of the week for a little while – use Step 1 on Mondays, Step 2 on Tuesdays, etc. until being able to perform each step is second nature. Once you can do each step successfully, begin to integrate all 5 steps every day.

Day 1 will begin on Monday!

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