Five Step Method of Protecting Yourself From Negative Influences : Mondays

Monday is the traditional start of the work week. It’s a great day to reboot, a great day to start fresh. If your schedule permits it, start off each Monday with a brief meditation session. Bear in mind meditation doesn’t need to be sitting on a mountaintop, chanting. A meditation session can be anything that wholly focuses your mind. Pick a favorite song, sit up straight, close your eyes, and sing along. (obviously, a positive, inspiring song is the best choice for this)

Once you’ve cleared and focused your mind, take a few actions to reboot. If there’s a short movie clip, song, or personal saying you associate most with a fresh start, make sure you indulge in it. You’re taking a fresh start to the week, free of everything that happened the previous week.

Turn off all your messaging systems – phones, instant messenger, services like Twitter, etc. Head into your inbox. Archive ruthlessly anything that’s left over from the previous week that doesn’t require immediate action. Use a system like Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero first thing in the morning to prioritize and systematize communications you’ve received. Fire up your calendar, book any appointments and meetings you need to book for the week ahead and set your reminders.

Take your fresh start point of view to all the work you face that day. If you’ve got a problem you need to solve, consider starting anew, or at least starting over the part that’s troubling you. Perhaps grab a coworker or friend and collaboratively brainstorm about the problem, as two heads often think better than one.

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