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Submit your blog or podcast show notes to Amazon’s Kindle directory. They offer 30% rev share on your blog if they choose it for inclusion – and since you’re blogging ANYWAY, you may as well get some incremental revenue if you’re chosen to be worthy of inclusion!

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Compensation terms:

6. Subscription Royalties. For each calendar month during the Term, provided you are not in breach of your obligations under this Agreement, we will pay you royalties (“Publisher Royalties”) equal to thirty percent (30%) of Subscription sales revenues actually received by us from sales of Subscriptions to your Publications during the month, net of any bad debt, credits and returns. Subscription sales revenues means only amounts actually received by us for the sale of Subscriptions to your Publications and excludes any fees paid for any product or service other than a Subscription, even if sold together with or required to make use of any Subscription. If we sell a Subscription together with any other content subscription at one undistinguished price (the “Single Price”), Subscription sales revenues for such sale will be allocated on a pro rata basis based on the then-current stand-alone retail price for each individual title included as part of such sale (after taking into account any discounts accorded each participating title in the Single Price sale).

7. Payment Terms. All payments will be due as of the date ninety (90) days following each calendar month of the Term or portion thereof in which Publisher Royalties have accrued. We will, concurrently with payment, provide statements providing detail regarding the amounts of Subscription sales revenue for your Publications collected during the applicable months. All payments shall be made in U.S. dollars. If Publisher is unable to accept Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”) payments, we will pay by check, but we will charge a fee of 8.00 per check and will issue checks only if the amount payable is at least100; if Publisher needs to be paid by check we will accrue and withhold payments until the total amount due is at least $100. All statements shall be conclusive, final and binding, unless Publisher gives Amazon written notice stating the specific basis for objection within six (6) months after the date rendered. You shall not maintain any action or proceeding against us with respect to any such statement unless you commence that action or suit within six (6) months following the date that you provide Amazon with the written notice referred to in the immediately preceding sentence. Any such action or proceeding shall be limited to a determination of the amount of monies, if any, payable by Amazon to you for the accounting periods in question, and your sole remedy shall be the recovery of those monies with no interest thereon.

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  1. Maybe on my blog I can use this to make some money 🙂

  2. Maybe on my blog I can use this to make some money 🙂

  3. thank you for the tip

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