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Podcasters Across Borders 2008 Review

PAB2008 group photo

Podcasters Across Borders 2008 has wrapped up, and I’m back in the office. Another terrific weekend, full of great friends and interesting discussions. A few takeaways from this weekend that I picked up:

Sylvain Grand-Maison showed a great slide of song structure and podcast structure – comparing the two, and suggesting that the same ideas that make a song worth listening to could make your podcast worth listening to.

Sylvain Grand-Maison - PAB2008

Jay Moonah did a great demo of how the medium is the message by having a blindfolded volunteer identify the quality of a promotional message by the paper it was printed on.

Jay Moonah - PAB2008

Tod Maffin from the CBC explained about “IT” or the quality that makes a podcast terrific. One of his suggestions was to speak more intimately, reminding us that a significant portion of people listen to podcasts with headphones or earbuds; speaking to them as if you’re shouting across the room (radio) is a mismatch for how people listen.

Tod Maffin - PAB2008

There were plenty of other discussions I had this weekend, and I’ll be making some changes from a technical perspective as well as a marketing perspective for the various media adventures we all participate in

Oh, and I won a Blue Snowball mic, which was a nice treat, and soon to be a nice treat for the listeners of the Financial Aid Podcast.

PAB2008 UStream setup

Many thanks to Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche for putting on another fantastic conference.

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