What I'll Be Sharing at PodCamp NYC

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What I’ll Be Sharing at PodCamp NYC

A few people have wondered what I’ll be sharing at PodCamp NYC. I’ve got two sessions blocked out, plus possibly a panel – we’ll see about the last part.

Session 1:

Intro to Podcasting: The Podcasting 101 session. 10 AM Friday, Hall of Fame Wunsch Center. How to listen, participate, and create. A high level overview of the world of podcasting and why it’s important to you – or should be. Suitable for beginners new to new media. Veterans may not derive much value from this session.

Session 2:

Power Your Personal Network with LinkedIn. 10 AM Saturday, Room 203. I’ll be presenting how to use LinkedIn to power your networking skills. I’ll be sharing a few of my tips about using the service, what it’s good for, and how to help you build your personal brand with it, including simple but effective techniques you can start using immediately for better results. Suitable for everyone.

Session 3:

Affordable PR for Non-Profits Using New Media. 11 AM Saturday, Room 202. I’ll be co-presenting with Maria Thurrell, founder of Media Awaken, on how new media is changing the way non-profits do business. I’m also going to give away a secret – THE secret – for non-profits to be able to raise literally millions of dollars from the right corporate donors. If you work for a non-profit, this is a session you cannot afford to miss – literally. Suitable for everyone, but targeted to non-profits.

Session 4:

New Media and Politics in an Election Year. 2 PM Saturday, Auditorium. This is a panel hosted by Dan Patterson from Talk Radio News. I’ll be one of the panelists talking about use of new media so far, and where politicians might take things next. Suitable for everyone.

Session 5:

New Media Marketing: How New Media Powers Business. 3 PM Saturday, Auditorium. I’ve been working on refining this ever-evolving presentation which now includes aspects of sales, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and just about everything else, all linked to a framework that you can take home and apply to any product, service, or organization.

If you’re thinking about using blogging, podcasting, social networks, or other new media tools to promote the ideas you care about, this session is for you. Suitable for intermediate to advanced practitioners of new media. Beginners are welcome but may get lost quickly.

I’m unsure whether or not uStream or other services will be available for the distance aspect, as I don’t know what the venue’s Internet access will be like, so if you can make it in person, great

If you plan on attending any of the sessions at PodCamp NYC that I’ll be participating in, please feel free to ask questions in advance of the event itself – just leave comments here!

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