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The Dual Mandate of PodCamp

PodCamp NYC was yet another fantastic success in the ever growing lineups of PodCamps around the world, and I’m very pleased to have been a part of it. I wanted to take a moment as co-founder and Executive Director of the PodCamp Foundation to very clearly lay out what the vision and mission of PodCamp is:

1. PodCamp has a mission to welcome new people into the new media space. There are a TON of great conferences for new media people in the new media space, such as Podcasters Across Borders, New Media Expo, Podcast Academy, and many more. These conferences are powerful, informative, and very much support the new media community. While PodCamp fulfills a great community role, it is more important to bring in new people, to welcome folks curious about new media into the community with open arms.

I like to think of PodCamp as a real-life welcome wagon for anyone who wants to get started in new media.

PodCamp accomplishes this by putting veterans and new people in the same room and letting the magic happen.

2. PodCamp has a mission to connect new media professionals with resources. Very often, I have found at PodCamps over the last year that there are LOTS of individuals and organizations who have access to tremendous resources and want to participate in new media, but would prefer to work with someone already established in the new media space, rather than reinvent the wheel. The second mission is to help folks who have resources but lack knowledge connect with new media pros who have knowledge but might lack resources.

PodCamp in this fulfills almost a role of matchmaker, and accomplishes this by putting smart and resourceful people in the same room and letting the magic happen.

Are there other aspects of PodCamp that are important? Absolutely. A community focal point, a way to focus on local community building, a social outlet, a chance to reconnect with friends – all are important, all are vital to the overall fabric of the new media community, but these two mandates to me are what distinguish PodCamp, what keeps PodCamp going and growing, what makes PodCamp worth YOUR time and energy as a participant, volunteer, or organizer.

What’s your take on the mission of PodCamp?

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