As a followup to my previous Snapple Antioxidant Water post, Deana over at Snapple sent me a sample pack of Snapple at the behest of Chris Abraham, who I presume is marketing Snapple to bloggers. I got a 4 pack.

Slackershot: Snapple


  • It’s sugary.
  • It tastes nothing like water, and a lot like Gatorade when you make it from the powder with more water than you should per scoop.
  • In looking at the ingredients, the first two ingredients are water and sugar.

Is it good? I suppose if you’re a Powerade/Gatorade drinker, you’ll probably like some of the flavors. Personally, I’m more of a Red Bull/Rock Star fan than Gatorade for sugary drinks, on the premise that if I’m going to suffer the consequences of extra empty calories, I’d better get damn jittery from it, too. If Snapple made a “Closest Legal Alternative to Meth in Fruity Flavors” I’d give that a try, if for no other reason than the product name alone.

As for the antioxidant water? I’m going to stick to regular water now.

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