Google announced a slew of products specifically tailored to non-profits two days ago.

First, all their apps – Google Apps for Domains, etc. – are all free.

Google Checkout transaction processing is free to non-profits until 2009.

Here’s the game changer. Google Grants is an application process to qualify for free AdWords advertising. Where commercial organizations pay out the nose for top keywords, if your non-profit is a certified 501(c)(3) and is chosen as a Google Grants recipient, you can go head to head with corporate America for mission-critical keywords and spare your budget.

This is big – very big. It will give non-profits access to huge audiences and resources without needing huge budgets, and the smaller the non-profit, the more benefit they’ll be able to get if chosen for the grant.

Hats off to you, Google. You may be Big Brother, but at least you’re more or less benevolent.

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