I’m off to Sweden today with PodCamp Co-Founder and partner, Chris Brogan. We’re headed, of course, to PodCamp Europe, a gathering of new media minds veteran and new, for two days of sharing, learning, and growing. It’s shaping up to be a great event, with lots of interest from mobile communications companies, students, journalists, and more – which reflects Scandinavia’s strong points, from what I’ve been reading.

A quick shout out is earned by Andy Nyman and the Swecasters for being co-organizers, and of course to Jeff Pulver and VON, and Audana for sponsoring.

Other random things… apparently, Swedish fish actually were Swedish at one point. The Swedish Chef from the Muppets was not Swedish, but may have been based on an actual Swedish chef. Swedish meatballs are called köttbullar and are served at IKEA. This I did not know.

Rehearsal went well last night for the Podcast Marketing presentation. I’m much happier with the current version, which is a lot more coherent, as opposed to being just a bag of stuff.

If you’re going to be in Stockholm, email me – FinancialAidPodcast at GMail dot com – and we can try to grab a cup of coffee and see the sights of Stockholm!

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