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  • Heading into second life to see if the Student Loan Network tent is set up. #
  • @LDpodcast: need any assist? #
  • @DougH: any last minute publicity tips for PodCamp NYC on the cheap? 1,100 registrants. #
  • @ChrisBrogan: I look forward to killing you soon. #
  • FAP505 rendering now, uploading soon. Working from home today, found a great new way to set up mic and home studio. Almost as good as work. #
  • Hmm. Libsyn down? #
  • Photos and screen shots of settings for home studio setup. https://www.christopherspenn.com/youve-discovered-the-missing-link/ #
  • Can’t even open ftp.libsyn.com oh well, uploading show to web server for the day #
  • @Audio: Libsyn web upload worked, but slower than FTP, sadly. #
  • @LynetteRadio: Typically, between 60% – 75%… #
  • @JackHodgson: anyone’s game at this point, but PodCamp NYC rapidly becoming the hottest ticket in town Saturday. Way cool, little scary. 🙂 #
  • Can anyone help put some bogus, goofy listings to test our new classifieds site? https://www.campusx.com Thanks! Feel free to be funny. #
  • Planning to wear original flavor PodCamp Boston organizer shirt for PodCamp NYC. #
  • @Audio: freakin’ awesome, man. I’ll buy one. I’m selling PodCamp NYC tickets on the site, too, for $0. #
  • Hmm. Google Desktop for the Mac is out. https://desktop.google.com/mac installing now to test it out. #
  • @BucketJen: that’s a mighty large bucket of integrity. You must have listened to today’s show 🙂 #
  • headed to coffee with crayon if SL behaves. #
  • talking about Besy Buy Geek Squad in SL – why? If you need help, will you even get into SL? #
  • Promoting idea of Coffee with Crayon RL this Saturday #
  • Back from Coffee with Crayon. #
  • Google Desktop for Mac just as slow and resource intensive as GDesktop for PC. Time to uninstall. #
  • @andycaster: it uninstalls quickly and cleanly, that’s redeeming, right? #
  • Editing Financial Aid Newsletter, getting ready to launch April issue to 850,000 readers #
  • Testing PLEASE IGNORE. https://www.StudentLoanConsolidator.com #
  • @Rocketboom: Ellie: roll cameras! #
  • @Rocketboom: Ellie: no, but you’re that person’s meta-that-person. #
  • @chrisbrogan: forwarded to LinkedIn. PodCamp NYCers: should I do a session on LinkedIn? #
  • Writing disclosure statement about which student loan companies I own stock in. Total value of all stock combined: $40. #
  • @nlaspf: Social media resume here: https://cspenn.googlepages.com sample only, not job hunting. #
  • Finished up Bum Rush the Charts presentation #
  • headed out to forage for food. #
  • Eating garlic noodles, listening to PodCamp NYC Sponsorcast. #
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