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Chris Brogan started the meme, CC Chapman continued it, so here’s my contribution – how to find me at PodCamp NYC.

I’ll be arriving late Friday afternoon, probably an hour or two before the party at SLATE. I’ll be at the party at SLATE both nights, as well as supporting podsafe musicians with Natalie Gelman‘s concert at Stain Bar Friday night and Brother Love‘s CD Release Party Saturday night. Amidst all the activities, I’ll be doing some presentations, running around having fun, and trying to be helpful as best as I can for the largest PodCamp yet.

  • I will in all likelihood not be on Twitter that much.
  • I may or may not even have consistent Internet access.
  • If you’d like to get a message to me, email [email protected] or call the show’s hotline, 206-350-1208. I’ll be checking email for sure.
  • If you have my cell phone number – good luck. That damn thing does everything except actually function as a phone, and I swear that my shaver gets better reception.

I will be sharing at these sessions:

  • 9 AM – Thinking Differently
  • 10 AM – Let’s Make Something in the Spirit of PodCamp with Chris Brogan
  • 1 PM – Podcasting 101 with Garageband on the Mac
  • 2 PM – Bum Rush the Charts case study
  • 3 PM – Marketing 2.1 – 7 tools you can use to market your show

I’ll also be at the Student Loan Network booth on the second floor mezzanine at these times:

  • 7:30 – 8:30 AM – Setup and registration
  • 12 PM – 1 PM – lunch, hanging with Uncle Seth and Natalie Gelman playing live

Please stop on by to say hi and enjoy what we’ve got at the SLN booth. There will be the usual corporate stuff like business cards, but we’ll also have:

  • The Mashboard: grab a sticky note and a marker, and Twitter offline on a big wall about ad-hoc sessions, meetups, ride board, etc.
  • Networking Bowl: Put 3 business cards in, take any 2 out, then go find those people.
  • DIY Business Cards: Forgot yours? Don’t have any? Draw your own – you might just reinvent your personal brand.
  • Jingles for Dollars: Uncle Seth and Natalie Gelman will be selling CDs at lunch. Buy a CD, and you’ll get a coupon for a 3 – 5 second personalized jingle for your podcast or company. Originally we were going to record them on the spot, but it’s going to be wicked loud there, so unless you want that live feel, I’d go for the coupon.

If you want to say hi, please do. I don’t bite. I’ll be wearing my PodCamp Boston organizer shirt, which is depicted here:

Slackershot: coffee in the mornings

Finally, I want to give a huge shoutout to the organizers of PodCamp NYC. I’ve been following the evolution of this PodCamp since it was announced, and despite more than a few roadblocks (like venue change, etc.), the team of John C. Havens, Adam Broitman, Laura Allen, Eric Skiff, Jason Van Orden, Caroline Desrochers, and everyone who is pitching in to help have done a FANTASTIC job managing the chaos. The sheer number of people registering to attend despite it being a holiday weekend is a true testament to the power of this event and the work they’ve done in building the community’s trust in it to give up time for it.

Oh, and be sure to print out the UnOfficial Guide to PodCamp NYC. I checked with Kinko’s and they wanted to charge $6,428 for 300 copies, so that was a no go.


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