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Secure your brand on Twitter RIGHT NOW 1Audio, one of my Twitter friends, pointed out that my Twitter profile for work, financialaidpodcast, is #3 on Google for the term “financialaidpodcast”. This makes total sense – Twitter is perfect Google ambrosia – rapid, fresh, original content, the kind of food that Googlebots relish.

This, then, is something of a red alert – with Twitter being the belle of the ball at SXSW and its popularity skyrocketing, if you don’t make defensive moves to protect your brands by securing Twitter namespaces, you may suddenly find someone else Twittering using your brand name. While you could get lawyers involved as a countermeasure, that’s a heartache you can avoid right now by securing the remainder of your brand names and identities that are important to you on Twitter.

Photo by PowerbookTrance, Creative Commons license.

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