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Mitch Joel asked the Twitterati the following question:

Interviewing Jackie Huba from Citizen Marketers in an hour – any questions for her?

Here’s some of what streamed in:

  1. How do you make evangelists out of a one-and-done product/service, where there is zero potential for return customers?
  2. Insights for developing predictive analysis of who is upcoming mover/shaker in a given vertical? Who should you talk to today?
  3. Outside of pure luck is there any way to get a successful word of mouth campaign going in a very short period of time?
  4. Strategies and ideas for dealing with competitors evangelists? (Particularly when they’re paid shills)
  5. What tactics increase probability of word of mouth campaign going nuclear in a good way?
  6. What’s her formula for analyzing value of new media online? What metrics/benchmarks for success in branding?
  7. Your worst nightmare has come true – company’s all over the headlines for xyz scandal. What’s your grassroots strategy?
  8. What things can you do to encourage social media to blog/podcast/etc write about your product/service/event?

What are YOUR answers to these questions about citizen marketing/grassroots marketing?

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