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An Evening in Second Life

I just got back from the first PulverCamp/TwitterCamp SL Conference in Pulveria, Jeff Pulver‘s island in Second Life. Interesting, great discussions with Britney Mason, Justine Ezarik, Chris Pirillo, and Chris Brogan. Talk about Playstation, virtual worlds, brand decentralization, Feedburner, and more. Some new ideas to consider going forward. Without Twitter, this event might not have happened, but with Twitter, an instant flash mob appeared and had a conference. We even tried to get the microphone to work.

Now, you might be saying, hey, I didn’t get an invite or hear about this conference! (particularly if your name is Jeff Pulver and it was held on your island) It’s the truest UnConference there ever was – a few Twitter posts, and instantly four dozen people showed up to have a conversation. Everyone participated, everyone shared something, and we all left having gotten something out of it – amusement, amazement, knowledge, you name it.

To find out about the next one… well, go participate on Twitter! And stay up late on a Saturday night just hanging out in all the virtual worlds and digital channels we all have access to. That’s the part that I think is the most interesting of this whole experience. In the analog world, people pay money to sit in plastic chairs at conferences to hear people speak, like the ones who were in Pulveria tonight. Virtual words and digital outreach let you blow past all the barriers to entry set up in real life and interact with folks directly, benefitting from what everyone has to share.

In other words, a community.

See you at the next flash conference, wherever it may be.