Mind Readings: Great Power and Great Responsibility

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Mind Readings: Great Power and Great Responsibility

As Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker upon his discovery of his Spider-Man powers, “With great power comes great responsibility.” What responsibility do you have to use your voice for things like Ukraine, abortion rights, etc.?

Mind Readings: Great Power and Great Responsibility

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Christopher Penn 0:15

In today’s episode of mine readings, let’s talk about Uncle Ben and Peter Parker.

If you’re not familiar from the Spider Man, comic, Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker at the emergence of his spider man powers, with great power comes great responsibility, you have to use your powers.

sensibly, you have to use your powers responsibly.

I bring this up as a point of discussion, because of how I recently used some of my power.

There are about 230,000 people that subscribed to my weekly newsletter, there’s 1000s of people like you watching this video on YouTube, which I thank you, by the way, I have a voice, you have a voice too, I just have a voice that reaches a decent number of people, I have the power to use that platform to use that voice for the things that are important to me.

And most of the time, let’s be honest, it’s pretty mundane, right? Most of the time, it’s for, hey, buy my new thing, take my new course, and so on and so forth.

And that’s okay, that’s the primary use of it.

But every now and again, something crosses my desk or something happens, where I feel like I have a responsibility to use my voice to use my platform to talk to you about that thing.

And sometimes that makes people really unhappy, really unhappy.

So this past week, which is the the week of June 25 2022, depending on when you’re watching this content.

I published a issue of my almost time in the newsletter advocating that people get involved in the restoration of abortion rights in the US.

And more broadly, focusing on preserving the rights to autonomy to saying to self determination, to freedom to liberty to saying a government cannot tell me what to do with my body unless I’m actively hurting other people.

Right? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

read you a couple of pieces of feedback I got from that newsletter was very, very amusing ones.

Number one, this was a good one.

It saddens me to unsubscribe for a newsletter because at times your content is very good.

But you’ve crossed the line with this one stick to marketing.

Somebody else made a really good point that all politics is marketing, so haven’t gone too far afield there, but okay, too.

I was subscribing.

I thought you were smart.

But say you’ve proven to be out of your league and making a dumb move.

Sorry that I referred several subscribers to you good rids.


Don’t the door hit you on the way out? Here’s my question to you and the topic of today’s mining’s.

What responsibility? Do you have to use your voice to use your power? What do you have one follower or billion? What responsibility? Do you have to use your voice for things that are important to you? Right, I have my perspective on a bunch of different issues.

But some rise to the top as this is something that I think people need to pay attention to.

And my point of view is not right for everybody.

100% not right for everybody.

But what is the obligation, you have to use your voice? For example, earlier this year in 2022, the interesting year that’s been Russia invaded Ukraine.

And it was intent on committing mass murder, genocide.

And four weeks at a time I used my platform to help and still do to ask people to support Ukraine financially sharing stories, writing your elected representatives to urge them to keep supporting Ukraine.

And we’ve all played a role.

Many of us have played a role in however big or small in keeping up support for Ukraine so that it can fight back so that can repel the illegal Russian invasion.

Had I not done that? Would the outcome of change? No, because I’m one person, even with a lot of returns to one person.

But if all of us have not done that, if all of a sudden, I guess a pass there would be no Ukraine.

Right because it would not have had the international community support.

When we use our voice for important stuff together.

We get things done.

We get people to pay attention Listen to focus on something amidst all the noise around us.

With things like abortion rights, or rights of same sex people to be married, or rights to access contraception, these are all important rights that

Christopher Penn 5:16

have been threatened are threatened or about to be threatened.

What is your responsibility to use your voice? I can’t say that, depending on your comfort level.

But I know for myself, the decisions I’m making for myself that I have a responsibility to focus on things when they’re important, and to advocate to others to do the same.

Because at the end of the day, the happier and better off and wealthier, and whatever that people are, the better off people are.

The more money they spend, the more they buy stuff, from a purely business perspective, says I’m supposed to stay in my lane.

The more prosperous people are, the better it is for all of us.

Right? Just like the more peaceful the world is, the better it is for all of us, right? The fewer supply chain disruptions, the healthier people are, the better it is for all of us, because people who are healthy, who are happy, who are financially prosperous, buy more stuff.

And so while I firmly believe in some of these concepts purely for the concept sake, like bodily autonomy, I believe in that, regardless of business, because again, governments shouldn’t really have any say, as to what you do with your body, unless you’re actively hurting other people.

But there’s inherent self interest in these things to happy, healthy, prosperous, people buy more stuff.

And so for someone who works in marketing, that’s kind of a big deal.

When people are unhealthy, when they’re angry, when they’re poor, they don’t buy as much stuff, right? They don’t do as much business.

The world is less prosperous, the country is less prosperous, and our businesses are less prosperous.

So if if the big picture alone isn’t enough to motivate you to use your platform for supporting important issues, then, hopefully, enlightened self interest is and hopefully seeing how a decision impacts you.

Directly, is enough to make us say, Alright, I’m going to pick up my platform and use my voice to, to support whatever it is that is on the table that day.

The reason we get ourselves into trouble is because a lot of us don’t use our voice.

A lot of us set things out.

And as the world becomes more unstable, because it’s going to that’s the nature of climate change.

Climate change is going to create ripple effects that will have massive economic consequences.

As the world becomes more unstable, more extreme things will happen.

Extreme events, extreme people and politicians, extreme disasters.

As all becomes more extreme, we’re going to need your voice more than ever, to support a better world, happier, healthier, more prosperous people.

So ask yourself what your responsibility is.

Because your voice is a great power, whether it’s again, whether it’s one person or a billion, your voices great power, and with that power comes responsibility.

Thanks for tuning in.

I’ll talk to you soon.

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