Almost Timely News, 22 May 2022: Training for Reality, Civil Society, Recommendation Engines

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Almost Timely News, 22 May 2022: Training for Reality, Civil Society, Recommendation Engines (5/22) :: View in Browser

Almost Timely News

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Almost Timely News, 22 May 2022: Training for Reality, Civil Society, Recommendation Engines

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What’s On My Mind: Training for Reality

One of the expressions I love from the martial art that I practice is that “training should be harder than fighting, so that fighting is easier than training”. The idea is that you go through so much in learning the martial art that if you ever have to actually use it, it feels almost rudimentary.

I’ve had this experience a few times. Early on in our training, we practiced a lot of different breakfalls, ways of falling to the ground safely when you get thrown or otherwise put in precarious positions. I’ve intentionally fallen and rolled up and down stairs, rolled out of moving vehicles, etc. It all seems fairly silly and risky, but I once got hit straight on by a driver pulling out of a parking lot at decent speed, probably 25 MPH / 40 KPH. I managed to roll over and off the hood of the vehicle and sustained only some scrapes, so the “fight” was easier than a lot of the training.

This mindset should extend to everything we do, to all the challenges we’re likely to face in our work, in our personal lives, etc. If you know what problems you’re probably going to face, it’s the height of wisdom to practice for those problems so that when they do arrive, they’re almost trivial.

And yet…

When you look at the state of most professional development and training, a lot of it doesn’t seem to have strong applicability to real life, to situations you face every day. I was talking to a friend the other night about a marketing certification exam and she said she scored badly when she answered questions on the exam with how you’d actually solve a client’s problems. When she thought about it from the company’s perspective, from what’s the “best practice” instead reality, she passed with flying colors.

You can see how problematic that is. What’s best for the company issuing the certification may not be best for us, may not be best for our customers. But that’s what people are being trained towards.

I just finished recording the upcoming Trust Insights Google Analytics 4 course (rest assured you will get an email about it when it launches), and throughout the process, I kept hearing my business partner and CEO Katie’s voice in my head with each lesson. “So what? Why does the customer care? How does this help them with real life?” Keeping that perspective is essential for creating useful training, because without it, you create purely theoretical stuff that your students may not be able to apply immediately, if ever.

The same is true for my hobby coding projects. I pick data sets and challenges that are interesting to me, that solve real problems I want to know the answers to. In the process I learn a ton, and by the time a work-related problem comes around, chances are I’ve faced a more challenging problem in my hobbyist coding.

For example, I was writing a topic modeling and text comparison algorithm to programmatically compare multiple bodies of text together for a fanfiction project. It took me a few weeks to get it working, and sure enough, the next month a client had a very similar need for doing competitive analysis and I was able to reuse what I’d learned for that client with great effectiveness.

If you’ve fallen behind on professional development and training, chances are you did so because the investment of time and effort wasn’t worth the return. For us to get value out of our training and development, we have to see how it’s immediately useful. Our training should prepare us for “fighting”, for application of the training in such a way that it makes our lives easier, not harder. When challenging situations come up, our training should prepare us for them and even make those challenges a little easier for us.

If your current training experiences don’t make life easier for you, it’s time to start looking around for better professional development opportunities. That way, when the car of life plows into you, you just keep on rolling.

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