Almost Timely News, 1 May 2022: Minimums, Changes in Content Marketing

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Almost Timely News

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Almost Timely News, 1 May 2022: Minimums, Changes in Content Marketing

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What’s On My Mind: Minimums

As I was packing for a short trip to my folks, I looked at the motley assortment of electronics and other things I brought along. What stood out for me was what I considered the bare minimum I needed to get my job done while mobile. My laptop and my phone are the bare minimums I need to get things done. Take away any one of those, and I’d be in a boatload of trouble. (it goes without saying that reliable Internet access and reliable electricity are part of this, but I don’t pack those)

That’s not to say those are the tools I need to be optimal, to get the most done. Those are the bare basics, the essentials, the showstoppers. Certainly, things like a desk, a good mouse, a large external monitor, a solid keyboard, etc. are all tools that help me to get stuff done faster and better. But if I had to go without, I could go without all those things and still be mostly effective.

You probably have a similar list. You’ve got things that you MUST have to do your work, and things that are nice-to-haves.

So here’s the thought exercise, the question: when it comes to your marketing, what are the essentials you cannot do without, and what are the nice-to-haves?

For me, it’s you via this email list. Without my email marketing, I’d be in a world of hurt. I couldn’t have even started Trust Insights a few years ago without your assistance, without you being part of my email community.

Certainly, things like organic search and social media are nice and deliver some results, but email is the name of the game for me. If I were starting over, growing a loyal email audience would be my first, highest priority. Nothing else comes close in terms of effectiveness, both short and long term.

My second choice, and a relatively new entrant to the field for me, is my private social media community. If you haven’t already joined, join the free Slack group over at Analytics for Marketers. Private social media communities are incredibly impactful – a chance to get to know your favorite people and your biggest fans without being moderated or mediated by big tech social media algorithms. Services like Slack, Discord, and Mattermost would be the technologies which enable these sorts of communities; the conversations that occur in them are largely invisible to search engines and other ways for people to programmatically monitor them.

While private social media communities may not have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers to offer that mainstream social networks do, they offer a level of interconnectedness not found in those networks. It’s easier to develop real friendships, real professional and personal relationships in private social media communities. Of all the different technology options facing marketers now, private social media communities are one of the best choices for building a strong, loyal audience.

Those are my marketing must-haves, the minimums that I would consider doing marketing with. Without them, my ability to execute well on marketing would be severely constrained.

So, what are your minimums? Want to share?

Pop on over to Analytics for Marketers and let me know.

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