Mind Readings: The Language of Our Goals

This week, I was talking to a friend about some of her career and life goals, and the way she used language to describe her goals told me she has little chance of achieving them. Learn what I heard and the way I’d reframe those goals.

Mind Readings: The Language of Our Goals
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Christopher Penn 5:16

There is something to be said four goals that are achievable, right world peace is a lovely goal, it was highly unlikely to happen through your efforts alone and within your natural lifetime.

But yelling at your kids less or donating $100 a month more to your favorite charity.

Those are things that are achievable and within reach.

And if you start speaking about them as though they have already happened, then you’re tricking your brain into saying, Okay, we need to make this continue to happen.

And advance ourselves towards towards the goal we have.

We are creatures of habit.

It is easier for us to keep doing something or keep not doing something than it is for us to start something new or stop something.

And when we speak about our goals as though they are already in progress.

We are mentally tricking ourselves to say yep, this thing.

It’s already happened.

And we’re just catching up.

Right? It’s already we’re already losing five pounds a week and your brains like well, I guess we better do those things to keep going this habit going.

give that some thought.

Right? Change the language that you use around your goals so that you speak in a way that reinforces in your own head, what you need to do to make those things become a reality.

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