Almost Timely News, 5 December 2021: Share of Memory, Auditing Google Analytics

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Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: Share of Memory

I finally got a chance to upgrade my work laptop after three years. At the time, my last laptop was state of the art, but a lot has changed in three years. Part of the process of upgrading machines for me is to back up my data but none of the applications. In this case, that’s essential because the new Apple Macs have entirely different processors now, so older apps wouldn’t deliver the benefits of the new hardware.

So what I do when faced with a fresh new environment is reinstall apps from memory. I remember what I use on a regular basis and I install those things first. Only after I’ve done that do I look at my old computer and install the stuff that I forgot about and missed.

Installing new stuff

This tells me a couple of things. First, it tells me what I think is most important. For example, when I started installing this new machine, literally the first thing I installed was R and R Studio, my coding environment for much of my data science work at Trust Insights. Without that, I literally cannot do my job.

What’s interesting is what gets left behind. What apps didn’t make the first cut. What apps I frankly don’t need, period, and don’t make it over to the new machine at all. These apps don’t have mindshare. They don’t have space in my head dedicated to them, space in my brain that indicates their importance.

What does any of this have to do with marketing? Suppose I ran a mass unsubscribe tool on every publication and subscription in your inbox. What email newsletters would you remember to re-subscribe to? This happens more often than you think – when people change jobs, anything they subscribed to at their old work address is forgotten, and they have only their memories to rely on for what matters to them. Is your content on that mental list? Would you make the cut if your audience had to start over?

The same is true of your blog. Your podcast. Your YouTube channel. Any communications medium where your audience has to remember you – whether it’s to remember you exist, remember to download things, remember to watch or listen.

This is share of mind, share of memory. How much share of memory do you have? If your audience accidentally deleted all their bookmarks and subscriptions tomorrow, how many of them would come back?

The answer, of course, is directly proportional to the value you provide. Just as the apps that don’t provide regular and frequent value to me are forgotten, our audiences will forget us if we aren’t providing them the same kind of regular, frequent, and great value. The only way to avoid being consigned to the dustbin of memory is to dramatically increase the value we provide.

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If I had to suggest only one of these articles to read from this week, it would be the piece on building an audit tool for your Google Analytics governance in Google Data Studio. it’s a short 7-minute YouTube video with step-by-step instructions to help you start solving some of your Google Analytics data quality mysteries.

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