Almost Timely News, 21 November 2021: The Widening AI Gap, 2022 Marketing Trends, SEO AMA

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Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: What About the Gap?

No, not the clothing store.

The gap between the technological haves and have-nots. There are so many interesting problems, interesting challenges out there in the world to solve, so many applications of stuff like analytics, data science, and machine learning.

And most of those problems will go unsolved. Not because the technology does not exist, or even that the data does not exist, but because the ability to access it is out of reach for a lot of businesses.

In the era before popular, commercial use of machine learning, success in business was largely a combination of effort and luck. Effort encompasses the skill needed to make a good product and sell it well, and luck encompasses being in the right place at the right time, whether you’re the local burger joint or a multinational corporation

Today, data science, machine learning, and AI have thrown a bit of a wrinkle into this. So much of our lives are intermediated by machines and machine learning. What products we see, what ads we see, what news we see, what friends we see in the digital realm – which is the primary realm now for so many of these tasks ever since the smartphone became our external brains – are all controlled by machines and algorithms.

Those folks who have access to the technologies that can reverse-engineer these algorithms and find out what works will have a decided advantage over those folks who cannot. And that will mean larger companies, with more access to resources, talent, and budget, will have a greater advantage over most smaller companies. That’s a huge gap to close.

Here’s an example. A friend of mine is starting to build out a Tiktok account for her florist shop. She’s a tiny, solo proprietor up against some of the biggest household names in her industry, but those household names aren’t doing a particularly good job of understanding or using Tiktok well. I’ve started extracting data from Tiktok with all the major floral hashtags and building a model for her that indicates what topics and hashtags to use, and I anticipate she’ll be able to get better than average results from that analysis.

Figure 1. IBM Watson analysis of Tiktok data

In the example above, IBM Watson Studio found that of the language features in the dataset, posts about tulips outperformed posts about other flowers – not something I would have expected! Frankly, I expected roses to do the best.

But what if she didn’t know me? What if I didn’t have time once a month or so on a Saturday night to pull the data for her and process it? She wouldn’t have access to any of this data or technology, and thus the household names – despite their mediocre efforts – would be able to win more easily.

This is the challenge that many, many businesses are going to face in the coming years, and I don’t have a good answer for how they can level the playing field. For a while, the Internet presented a level playing field where a small business could appear larger than it was, where relevance and not budget could win the day. That 20-year golden era of Internet marketing – 1997-2017 – has been supplanted by the AI-powered marketing era, and this is an era in which whoever has the technical resources to win will do so.

To be clear, having great products, good prices, and phenomenal service will still be fundamental to succeeding at business. No amount of AI will change a crap product, prices that aren’t competitive, or abusive service and get people to buy, long-term, who would not have bought before. But becoming visible, being seen, will be harder for those without skillful use of AI.

The only thing I can suggest for now is that if you have analytical skills, if you have data science and machine learning capabilities, and you have local businesses or small businesses that you really like doing business with (or are friends with), consider donating some of your time and skills to help those businesses keep a level playing field against deeper-pocketed competitors. AI represents a considerable advantage and early adopters prolong that advantage over late adopters, so if you have businesses you truly love, help them out.

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