Almost Timely News, 3 October 2021: Technical Debt, Content Marketing Analytics, Server Change

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Almost Timely News

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Important: I Just Changed Servers

A quick note before we get to this week’s content. I just upgraded my marketing automation software and changed servers, which means two things.

First, there’s a non-zero chance some folks are getting this email that didn’t want to be. I’ve imported literally every unsubscribe I’ve received in the last 2 years to make sure folks aren’t getting this email if they didn’t want it, but stuff happens. Thus, if you’ve changed your mind about receiving this newsletter, [please update your preferences here].

Second, old issues of this newsletter now have non-working links. Sorry about that. If you’re looking for back issues with working links, I’ve started posting back issues on my website, which you can find here.

What’s On My Mind: Technical Debt Repayment

The marketing automation server and platform I’ve been running this newsletter on is now five years old. There have been three major operating system updates since I deployed the server, and two major releases of the software.

Nostalgic look inside a server

And… I’ve updated none of it until now, until today. Why? In the days before Trust Insights, my personal newsletter was more or less a hobby. In the years since the founding of my company, my focus has always been on the company and its infrastructure first, so this newsletter’s back end systems never got the love and attention that they should have.

What this creates is what consultants call technical debt. Like financial debt, technical debt is what accumulates when you don’t make your payments, or insufficient payments. In the context of marketing technology, that’s keeping systems and processes up to date. You can either steadily maintain things along the way, paying your bills regularly, or you can be called to account at some point and have to settle up a really large bill.

My reckoning was a couple of weeks ago, in doing a promotion for a sponsor. It took 23 hours to fully send the promotional announcement out. Why? Because the server and system was so slow that sending a quarter million emails took that long. I almost didn’t make the promotion commitment because of technical debt, and I knew I had to settle up.

Settling up in this case meant building a new virtual server from scratch, installing all new software, and as you saw above, importing all my data into the new system.

We all have technical debt to some degree. Some of it’s unavoidable or cost-prohibitive to resolve quickly. For example, we individually have technical debt the moment a new model of our favorite smartphone or computer comes out and we’ve now got the preceding generation. After a year or two, another model comes out, and suddenly our phone is 3 models behind and doesn’t work as well. That’s technical debt. If we can live with it, then it’s not a huge problem, but if we find ourselves no longer able to do what we want, or in business we’re not able to keep up with competitors, then technical debt is something we have to resolve.

Pop quiz: how much technical debt do you have in your marketing technology stack? Do you know? What’s the impact of it? What, if anything, aren’t you able to do because of it?

In business, there are multiple kinds of debts like this. Strategic debt is when you make insufficient time to plan, to think, to examine what’s working and what’s not. You just keep punching the to-do list every day but your business doesn’t move forward more than small increments because strategic debt is piling up.

Content debt is when your content falls further and further away from current best practices. Anyone who’s done SEO knows the pain of content debt, of content that used to generate results but no longer does – and you don’t make the time to update it.

The most dangerous kind of debt, however, is knowledge debt. This is your continuing education, your professional development debt. When you don’t keep current, when your knowledge of your specialty ages past the point of usefulness and crosses into dangerous, your knowledge debt makes you a liability rather than an asset. This is like an SEO manager who has no idea what BERT is (and why it’s relevant to SEO) or an email marketing manager who has no idea what GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, or PIPL are.

The way to solve debt is by one of the two methods I outlined above: you can pay as you go, which is the preferred way because it’s a little bit very frequently, or you can pay all at once and settle up. I’ve spent my evenings the last two weeks configuring this server and rebuilding it, and I can tell you with great confidence that I will be switching to paying as I go, keeping my systems up to date much more frequently.

What are your non-financial debts? How often do you pay them?

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