Almost Timely News, 10 October 2021: Leadership, Competitive SEO, Social Media Analytics

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Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: Are You a Leader?

This week, my company held a focus group for some reporting products we’re aiming to improve, and at the open Q&A towards the end, one of the participants asked a really interesting question:

Do you consider yourself to be a leader, at least in analytics?

The short answer: I view my company, Trust Insights as a leader. I don’t view myself that personally.


Leaders, by definition, are not only creating a path forward, but encouraging others to follow them towards a destination. You need a leader when you’ve got to get from point A to point B safely and quickly enough to achieve whatever objective you’ve set. The very etymology of leadership – lead comes from proto-Germanic’s laidjanan – means to travel, to go somewhere.

In that light, I see my company as a leader. We, organizationally, encourage people to follow us, to follow the strategies, tactics, and methods of data-driven marketing, change management, etc. We want people to travel the path of making great decisions with data, and we’re willing to help them along the way so that in their industries, they become leaders in their own right.

So why don’t I consider myself that? Because I don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea for you to be following me, not in the leadership sense. By design, by conscious choice, I don’t know where I’m going a fair amount of the time. I consider myself an explorer. I don’t mind venturing out, stumbling a whole lot, exploring new territory, being wrong most of the time, and sometimes not even achieving a particular goal. I like to go and do things, test things, see what I can learn, see what’s possible.

That is great for science, for learning, for experimentation, for discovery.

That is a recipe for disaster when it comes to leadership.

A leader should, generally speaking, know where they are going – and where they’re trying to lead others. If you’re lost in the woods, do you want to follow the person who knows the way out, or do you want to follow the person who’s just wandering around, exploring and mapping out the woods?

The one area where I could agree about leadership & what I do is the idea of thought leadership – if we go by the definition I use for evaluating my own. A thought leader is someone whose thinking changes how you lead. They may not be leaders, but their thinking reframes a problem you may face in your own leadership efforts, and that makes them better leaders. In that light, I may run an experiment or share some results that, if you apply to your own work, may make your work better – and in that case, I have performed the task of thought leadership.

Here’s the important bit: everyone is, to some degree, a thought leader if you’re sharing your thinking. Everyone has something to teach us (even if sometimes that’s how not to do something). Just sitting and listening to someone else’s thinking can change how we work, how we solve our own problems. You are a thought leader if you share your thoughts with others, so if that’s something you aspire to, start by sharing your thinking. No matter where you are on your professional journey, you likely have something to share that will spark inspiration in someone else – and that’s the first step in thought leadership.

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If I had to suggest only one of these articles to read from this week, it would actually be a video – the livestream I did this week on competitive SEO. Why? We covered a lot of ground about how to think about competitive SEO, why SEO tools may not give you great answers if you just use them as is, and most important, what other things you can do with competitive SEO data.

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As for the rest of the week:

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