Almost Timely News, 5 September 2021: Demise of the T-Shaped Marketer, LinkedIn Content Curation

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Almost Timely News, 5 September 2021: Demise of the T-Shaped Marketer, LinkedIn Content Curation

Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: The Demise of the T-Shaped Marketer

One of the enduring concepts that’s stuck around in marketing – especially in hiring – is the idea of a T-shaped marketer. The idea of T-shaped skills dates back as early as DL Johnston’s “The T-Shaped Man” from 1978. For those unfamiliar, a T-shaped person is someone who has a wide array of generalist skills across a discipline, and one area of deep specialization. If you were to diagram out the level of skill this person had, it would look like the capital letter T:

T-shaped person concept

In practice, very few people manage to be both strong generalists and strong specialists.

A big part of the reason for this is specialization tends to require serial thinking and learning – you start at point A, move to B, move to C, etc. You can’t skip steps, lest you miss key fundamentals and building blocks that later steps require.

Generalization requires the opposite. Generalization tends to require parallel thinking and learning – you sample a little of A, a little of B, etc. all the way across the discipline, and the value you add is being able to find connections and parallels among the different samples. Then when you find the areas where great value could be unlocked, you bring in specialists.

Serial and parallel thinking don’t co-exist well in our brains. We tend to lean towards one side more heavily than the other. For example, you will find very few folks who are talented bakers that are parallel thinkers; baking demands both precision and serialization. Even where you put the yeast – on top or on the bottom of your dry goods – can make a huge difference in a simple loaf of bread. Likewise, you will find very few folks who are talented artists that are serial, paint-by-the-numbers thinkers. The most skilled painters can visualize the entire image all at once in their heads, and then make it manifest in ways that we can’t even see until it’s done.

Why does this myth of the T-shaped person endure in marketing and business? The reality is that most of the time, mediocrity is sufficient to get the job done. A press release doesn’t need to win a Pulitzer. A banner ad doesn’t need to be able to exhibit at the Met. The backing track to your 25-minute sales demo doesn’t have to compete against Lorde or Thus, you can be minimally competent in much of the basics of marketing while still being good at something, and be labeled a T-shaped person. That’s the hope of hiring managers – someone whose work output in most areas is good enough, and in an area needed most, stellar:

The T-shaped person ideal output

So why am I talking about the demise of the T-shaped marketer? Because AI is eating away at the concept rapidly. The current generation of AI models produce mediocre output. Natural language generation produces some pretty rough first drafts. Today’s music generation models are good enough to produce inoffensive backing tracks and elevator music that won’t upset anyone. Image generators can spin up thousands of boring ads in one shot.

In other words, AI in the current generation is outstanding at mediocre output. Which means that concept of the T-shaped marketer is an endangered one:

The end of the T-shaped marketer

As the line of mediocre output from AI advances, it will do more and more of the mediocre work, the stuff that everyone can do to some degree. That line advances a little more each year; three years ago, natural language generation was in a sorry state of affairs. You wouldn’t even consider using machine outputs for final product. Today, machines can write the same bland press releases humans can, with the same average level of quality.

Three years from now? Those machines will probably crank out better blog posts than the average person.

So what does this mean for you? No matter where you are in your career, focus on being really, REALLY good at something. Being okay at a whole bunch of things is an eventual recipe for unemployment, because the machines are well on their way to being okay, being good enough, being “I can live with that quality”. Machines are still quite a ways off from being able to create masterpieces, create content that evokes real emotion, that conveys a sense of spirit. Find something that you really love doing in marketing, and make it your slam dunk.

Good enough isn’t good enough any more.

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