Rain Boots, Slides, and Strategy

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Rain Boots, Slides, and Strategy

When it’s raining really hard outside and you need to go walking around, what’s your strategy for dealing with wet feet?

Some people put on galoshes or heavy rain boots to keep their feet dry.

Some people take off their shoes and socks and just go out in slides.

The first strategy is a resistance strategy, an attempt to counteract the natural forces happening around you. This works for short periods of time, but the longer you’re outside in the rain, the more likely it is your temporary advantage over the elements will be nullified.

The second strategy is an acceptance strategy. You’re going to get wet. You may as well get it over with, and more critically, you make bouncing back from it afterwards easier. You don’t have to dry out your sneakers and socks, just towel off your feet.

Which strategy you choose depends on what’s going on, of course – no one strategy is the right choice all the time. That said, the strategy we choose tells us a little bit about ourselves. In adverse conditions, do we fight them or accept them and work through it?

Neither one is “correct”. Neither one makes you a better or worse person. There are plenty of situations where outright resistance is absolutely called for, just as there are plenty of situations where it’s futile. But knowing what your default response is in a low-stakes situation like what you wear on your feet in the rain helps you better understand what some of your default responses might be in higher-stakes situations.

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