Almost Timely News, 22 August 2021: Tesla Bot, B2B Email Marketing PR Embargoes

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Almost Timely News: Tesla Bot, B2B Email Marketing PR Embargoes

Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: Tesla Bot

I read with great interest about the announcement made at Tesla’s AI event this week about Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that appears designed for ordinary day to day use:

Tesla Bot

What strikes me about this robot is its potential intended uses. In the slideshow reveal, the slide above says “eliminates dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks”.

Think for a moment about the kinds of tasks that a robot like this could eliminate or substantially reduce, tasks that are practically rote, that a machine with sufficient dexterity could do that are utterly repetitive, sometimes dangerous, and boring:

  • Waiting tables
  • Pumping gas
  • Cleaning a hotel room
  • Vacuuming a house
  • Seating diners
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Security patrols around a facility
  • Sex work
  • Changing oil in a vehicle
  • Harvesting apples
  • Picking up litter along highways

Now, Tesla Bot is not right around the corner by a long shot. It was a flashy announcement that may or may not ever become a reality, and if it does, it will take substantially longer for Tesla to create than anticipated. SpaceX did eventually become a reality, but many years and many many millions of dollars after Musk had envisioned it.

That said, it will happen in some form eventually. Why? So many of these jobs that currently require humans don’t actually need human capabilities to do them. Seating diners at a table is not something you require the full intellectual and physical prowess of a human being for. As climate change continues to make some environments more hostile, workers harvesting crops in a field will become even more hazardous due to high heat; a robot like Tesla Bot could easily do that job without the moral hazard of severely injuring or killing humans. Tesla has an advantage in that its AI technology is already well-adapted to complex real-world situations; lessons learned from making vehicles operate in the chaos of daily life on our roads can be transferred to other domains.

Why Robots Like Tesla Bot Matter

Robots like Tesla Bot would be ideal companions for folks with disabilities or needing personal assistance around the clock. Think about how useful a robot like that would be as an assistive technology for someone with a handicap, or a senior citizen living alone. It would never tire, never get angry or bored, never behave in an abusive manner, and always be ready to help when needed, from routine tasks like preparing medication to opening jars or vacuuming the house.

Even more important, a robot like Tesla Bot could be programmed with substantially more equality in it – assuming we can put regulatory guidelines in place – than the humans who currently staff their jobs. For example, suppose you don’t like Korean people (I am native-born Korean). I walk into your restaurant and no matter how much you try to prevent your personal biases from interfering with how you do your job, some will inevitably creep in. From the moment I walk in, micro-expressions on your face will communicate, albeit briefly, how you really feel about me. Your body language will communicate how you really feel about me. You can only control your expressions to some extent.

A robot should greet everyone with the same blank, emotionless demeanor no matter who they are, how they’re dressed, what race they are, what accent they have. That’s true equality – everyone gets the same experience, regardless of first impressions. The more we can introduce systems into our daily lives that we intentionally make incapable of discrimination, the better and more equitable our world will be.

Where Systems Like Tesla Bot Could Go Wrong

The uncomfortable reality of all AI is that humans make it. Humans train it. Humans provide the data for it. And we are fallible, biased creatures. It will take substantial governmental and societal regulation and oversight to ensure we’re not baking those biases into our current and future systems. It’s happened already, and will continue to happen as long as the companies making technology lack sufficient oversight, so our mission as humans is to ensure that all technology creates equitable outcomes.

What Tesla Bot Means For Your Business and World

If you’re under 30 years old, in your natural lifetime it’s likely that a robot like Tesla Bot will become generally, commercially available. When that happens – and it’s not if, but when – a number of tasks will be absorbed by machines, and humans will have supervisory roles instead of doing those tasks directly.

We have to plan for a world which is increasingly assisted by machines. We already live in that world to a great degree; much of what you experience every day is mediated in some way by a machine, from what videos you watch to what products are recommended to you. That level of integration will only increase.

It will be years before a system like Tesla Bot is commercially available, but now is the time to start thinking about what tasks in your business, in your marketing, in your daily life could be automated somehow, even partially. The sooner you start to identify lower value tasks for automation, the sooner you can start finding ways to outsource those pieces to machines, freeing up your time to focus on what you and your business do best. That exercise alone will illuminate what is and isn’t valuable to you.

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