You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Trend and Strategy Alignment?

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You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Trend and Strategy Alignment?

Yulia asks, “How will you know if a marketing trend is right for your business or brand or whether you should stay clear of it?”

The answer to this question is straightforward: how well does a trend align to four key factors:

  • Audience
  • Values
  • Offers
  • Creative

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You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Trend and Strategy Alignment?

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In today’s episode, Yulia asks How will you know if a marketing trend is right for your business or brand? Or whether you should stay clear of it? This is a good question because there’s obviously always lots of new things to try out lots of new things to explore new social networks, new tactics, new strategies.

And the answer to this question is relatively straightforward.

There’s a framework that Bob stone came up with, I think, was Bob stone 1968.

Was that 61? for direct marketing, called list offer creative, right? And back, then it was do you have the right list for direct mail? Do you have the right offer to put in front of the customer, and you have the right creative, meaning the actual mail piece itself, and if there’s a lack of alignment, in those, any of those components, the campaigns that you put out simply won’t work? We can repurpose stones framework for this with an additional piece, which is values.

So when you’re looking at any new application, for example, or a new technology, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, does it resonate with your audience, and you have to do some research.

If you don’t already have a focus group, have some kind of your audience, it’s time to get one.

Something like a slack group or Discord server would be ideal, or a handful of people that you can just email, or text or whatever, within reason anytime and say, Hey, have you heard of this thing? Are you aware of it? Things like that.

For an example, go over to Trust slash analytics for marketers, you’ll see our analytics for marketers slack group, and I’ll ask people questions all the time.

And they’re like, have you heard of this thing? What’s your take on it? So audience? Is your audience there? And you find that out by asking them? Second, does whatever the trend that we’re talking about fit your values, there will be some places where Yeah, your audience may be there.

But it may not be appropriate for your brand.

For example, there’s a relatively new couple years old, I think, app called parlor.

That is has a very, very specific viewpoint and has a whole bunch of people that endorse that viewpoint, and it may not align with your brand.

There is a new DSP that is has a huge, huge audience.

By Pornhub, right? Again, you may have your audience may be there, but do you want your brand to be advertising there? That’s a question for your values and whether you feel it’s brand appropriate.

The third thing is offers.

And that is Do you have something to offer a value with this trend? Again, this is a very much in alignment thing.

Going back to the Pornhub example.

People go to that site for very specific reason.

And to see your b2b SaaS firewall appliance ad there, the author is going to be misaligned with what the audience is seeking.

Right? That’s a better thing to advertise, say on, you know, PC Magazine or network world, as opposed to Pornhub.

And then the fourth thing is the creative.

Do you have the capacity or capability to make the creative appropriate for that format? And this is a big one for apps like Tiktok.

Can you publish creative that is in alignment with what that the format of the application is? For some brands and some marketing teams, that’s super easy to do.

They have the right kind of culture, the right kind of people, the right equipment and capabilities to publish.

Really good Tiktok videos.

Same for Instagram reels, other brands, they don’t have not been able to crack the code on how do we publish content that meets the requirements of what the audience is looking for here? Again, and that company with that, you know, b2b firewall application, it’s going to be a hard, it’s not impossible, but certainly there are plenty of brands that have done interesting, creative, thematically appropriate creative, but it is hard to do that in an environment say like Tiktok than it is say on LinkedIn.

Right? And again, a lot of that comes down to capacity to do you have someone on staff who is a good video editor.

Do you have somebody on staff who’s good at audio? If you don’t, for example, making a good quality podcast is very difficult.

Your audience may be listening to it.

podcasts, podcasts may be a value and ethically neutral media meaning there’s no inherently challenging part of that you may have offers relevant to have on a podcast, but you don’t have the creators who can record audio cleanly edit it, process it and prepare it for distribution.

And so anytime we’re evaluating any kind of marketing trend, we have to look at these four factors and how well our brand is aligned.

Some of them are operational, some of them require a lot of research.

And the more research you do on things like valid offers, the type of creative, creative, unique type of creative that performs well, who the audience is in as much detail as you can find, the better, you will know whether or marketing trend is right for your business or brand.

How do you know when you should stay steer clear of something? Again, I would say, if you’re really really bad, at any one of these things, or there’s a real substantial deficit, any one of these things, you know, audience values offers creative.

And it’s not something that you can patch up or build capacity capability for, then you steer clear of it, you know, for example, if your audience just isn’t there, wait, you know, if you’re, if the the place you’re looking at simply does not align with your values, it’s probably not going to change a whole lot.

So you either wait or just pass it by, if you can’t find relevant offers relevant things that would be important to the audience there.

You can experiment some for sure, but it’s still gonna be an uphill slog.

And if you can’t build creative, you have to ask yourself are those capabilities things that we would need elsewhere in the organization, and if so, is that need enough to justify the expense sometimes it will be like, I firmly believe that pretty much every organization should have access to some video and audio capabilities, whether it’s through an agency, whether it is through into in house talent doesn’t matter.

You can have something that allows you to create good quality audio and video.

Other things like if you have someone who’s just got a very specific niche, and all they do is, you know, tick tock videos, that might not be as useful.

But those would be the indicators to steer clear of really bad at any one thing, steer clear.

But bad, two or more things, definitely steer clear because you’re just not gonna be able to make up that deficit.

Unless you unless for some reason, you believe it’s a strategic imperative.

And that would be governed by your audience and values.

If your audience is there, and this and the trend is aligned with your values, and you just don’t have the offers and creative to do it, then yeah, if you are pretty sure you can make a go of it, then you would, then you would invest heavily.

Understanding, you might have negative ROI for quite some time, until you can turn things around.

But if say customer acquisition is imperative and not ROI, that might be an okay strategic decision to make.

So that’s how to know whether a marketing trend is right for your business alignment to the four categories.

And then no showstoppers and each of the four categories.

It’s a good question as an important one to think about.

If you have follow up questions, leave them in the comments box below.

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