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A fine question for a lighter Friday blog post.

What’s the best day for me as a marketer? It’s not a big win, though those are certainly nice. It’s not a hire, a promotion, or a bonus. Again, those are nice things to have, and I certainly would never spurn them.

No, the best day for me as a marketer is a day when I learn something new that I can use, or I create something new that I or others can use. In modern marketing, applied knowledge is power.

When you get a new customer, that’s a temporary increase in your revenue. Customers come and go. Money comes and goes, too.

When you learn something new? That’s a nearly permanent increase in your marketing power. There’s something you can do that you previously could not do. There’s some advantage you now have, even if it’s just leveling the playing field with your competitors. When you create something new, you have a distinct, tangible advantage that few others can match, at least for a while. This is why innovation is so important.


Innovation is about making something new, about creating something new. True innovation is hard to come by, but once you have new knowledge, you have new power.

Those rare days in marketing? Those are the best days of my career.

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