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With the sale of Klout to Lithium (congratulations!), the topic of influence is once more at the forefront. Let’s talk briefly about true influencer marketing for a minute.

True influencers are people whom you have influence over.

You’re already a star in their eyes. You’ve provided enough value to them that they will do something that you ask of them. They may not have the largest audiences, but they will be your loudest voices. If you want to get momentum, the only people who are going to help you are the people speaking up for you. A celebrity who doesn’t speak about you is worth less than the average person shouting your praises from the rooftops.

If you are going to invest your time, effort, and resources into influencer marketing, look less at the broad audience and more in your email marketing or marketing automation system. Identify the people who are most active.

  • Who is sharing most?
  • Who is opening and clicking?
  • Who has the highest lead score, even if they’re never going to become a customer?
  • Who is talking about you even without your urging?

Put your focus on those people and reward them first and foremost.

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