What do Buddhists say before Thanksgiving dinner?

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Turkey dinner

What do Buddhists say before Thanksgiving dinner?

Something like this, called a meal gatha. Feel free to borrow it for your own practices!

First, seventy-two labors brought us this food; we should know how it comes to us.
Second, as we receive this offering, we should consider whether our virtue and practice deserve it.
Third, as we desire the natural order of mind to be free from clinging, we must be free from greed.
Fourth, to support our life we take this food.
Fifth, to attain our way we take this food.

First, this food is for the Three Treasures.
Second it is for our teachers, parents, nation, and all sentient beings.
Third, it is for all beings of the six worlds.
Thus, we eat this food with everyone.
We eat to stop all evil, to practice good, to free all sentient beings, and to achieve enlightenment.

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