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Imagine, for a moment, the essence of sunshine. It’s energy (from a distant star, true) that reaches all parts of the surface of the earth in some capacity at some times. It’s energy that is largely unfocused – it’s just there by virtue of the fact that the ball of rock we’re sitting on is in proximity to the sun. There are parts of our world where less sun hits the ground and parts where more sun hits the ground.

The sun's coming up in the morning

Getting enough sunshine is about being in the right place at the right time. Being in Stockholm in December isn’t ideal for sunshine, but being there in June certainly is. Standing under a leafy tree canopy won’t get you much sunshine, but moving to an open field will. The energy is there, in the sense that the sun never stops sending its energy to the earth, it’s just that you’re not able to get access to it under certain circumstances.

Above all else, however, if you need the sunshine to grow something, you need to have your fields sown, your soil fertilized, and your irrigation ready. All the sunshine in the world is meaningless if you’re unprepared to take advantage of it. No sunshine delivers the same farming outcome as bountiful sunshine if you never start your seeds.

This is the essence of “luck”: a dose of being in the right place at the right time to catch unchanneled energy, coupled with ample preparation to seize the opportunities that do arise. Of the two, you have much more control over the latter. Prepare for luck, so that when you have it, you can make the most of it.

May you harvest the sunshine.

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One response to “Sunshine”

  1. finalrune Avatar

    Just caught up with your ‘almost timely’ – sunshine, yes, as someone whose vocation is inspiring people to harvest sunshine to power their energy needs, sun is an amazing thing! Democratic (anywhere has access to sun, sure, some more than others but a rooftop in Boston is just as good as a lot in the middle of field somewhere in Western Massachusetts, you don’t need to have a fancy house or an especially resource-rich property to benefit from it) – abundant – free (which probably explains why big dinosaur-based business is trying to limit the adoption of it as a solution to our energy problems).

    Sun is the genesis of all life on the planet, and it’s about time that the 21st century looked up to the sun as a solution for our energy-thirsty society, rather than looking back 10,000,000 years for solutions buried in the ground.

    ( don’t mean to sound all froux-froux and hippy but this is the essence of what makes solar energy such an amazing field! )

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