International Day of the Ninja: How the ninja worked

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December 5th, of course, is International Day of the Ninja. Aside from the usual frivolous fun of wrapping a t-shirt around your head, here’s a fun opportunity to watch how the ninja might have operated, featuring both a SEAL team using lethal force, and senior master teacher Stephen K. Hayes, completely unarmed. Watch and enjoy:

Steven K Hayes vs LA Security Professionals

If you’re interested in studying actual ninja training, I’d strongly recommend visiting:

In the Boston area: the Boston Martial Arts Center

Around the US & Elsewhere: Stephen K. Hayes’ Quest Centers

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3 responses to “International Day of the Ninja: How the ninja worked”

  1. Wow. Stephen truly is a master.

    I can’t believe how, even in a predetermined situation, he was able to eventually blend right in. It is incredible. It was truly a great example of how a ninja would operate, based on my limited knowledge

    How are you going to apply your ninja training to your new position?

    1. Same way I always do 🙂

      1. I wasn’t sure whether you were going to re evaluate tactics and try something different.

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