The simplest content value test

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Slackershot: Money

I’ve talked about content value tests before, but there’s an even simpler, one-question test that will tell you whether your content – email, social media, web content, you name it – is valuable.

Grab your most recent newsletter, your most recent Facebook Page post, your most recent blog post or podcast, and ask yourself this:

If this came from another company that you didn’t work for, would you pay money for this content?

If the answer is no, you don’t have valuable content. It’s that simple. Would you pay 99 cents for that blog post? Would you pay 25 cents for that email newsletter? If your content is valuable enough that you’d buy it if it came from a different source, then you’ve got something worth sharing. If you couldn’t persuade someone to fork over even a penny,

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3 responses to “The simplest content value test”

  1. I’m not sure my assessment of the dollar value of content I create is reliable enough. I already think it’s valuable or I wouldn’t have published it.

  2. In the words of Bixby Snyder… “I’d by that for a dollar!”
    Thanks for the thought-provoking post, Chris.

  3. Hi, Chris, you shared a wonderful and useful article here. Keep up the good work, I hope I can learn more useful tips and post here.

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