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Todd Chandler recently asked:

Twitter / trchandler: @cspenn what's your daily

Good question! My daily reading workflow starts on the iPad with Mr. Reader and a big pile of blog feeds. Generally speaking, I try to add one new blog a week to my Google Reader subscriptions and take one blog away a week. It’s my way of challenging myself to stay fresh, a sort of “weakest link” competition. I have about 15 different pure marketing blogs I read, another 15 economics blogs I read, plus an assortment of others. Along the way, I’m hitting the Star button and storing noteworthy pieces for #the5 and my newsletter.

Mr. Reader

Once blogs are done, I flip into my inbox, where I look for news updates from Help A Reporter, Bloomberg News, and a select few other newsletters, reading those when they’re there. I also have a few people who send me stuff from time to time to look at. It’s during this time that I populate my Google Calendar for the day with appointments as well, which is my de facto task management system.

After that, I scan through a few lists on Twitter, a few circles on G+, and a few lists on Facebook for folks I know who share good stuff (and not too much of it).

All of this takes about an hour a day, give or take a few minutes. It really depends on kind of news day it is. Some days, there are a dozen articles that all deserve a close read and careful analysis. Some days, it’s skimming right past the Kardashians at warp speed. This morning, for example, the marketing blogs section was really light, but the economics section had some massive posts that required reading in depth.

So there’s my content consumption workflow in a nutshell. Thanks, Todd, for the question!

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