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I’m getting the hang of Pinterest, not as a place to share items so much as a place to visually display things. That to me is its true power: highly visual, non-linear presentation. I figured I’d put a new twist on Follow Friday and put up my list of co-authors for the Awaken Your Superhero eBook as a Follow Friday board.

Follow Friday Board

How I made it:

I gathered up the people I wanted, made note of their Twitter URLs, then found large size photos of them out on Google+ or Flickr. In most cases, I couldn’t pin straight from Twitter because Twitter’s images are too small, so I had to grab the photo, type up the description and link it up, then edit each pin’s URL to the Twitter URL. It’s a multistep process for each pin, so I’d recommend maybe putting one person on your board every day for a week and then sharing and resharing the board on Fridays.

As a side note, if you’re asking “What’s with all the Pinterest stuff lately?” it’s because I’m trying out different ways of using it. That’s one of the lessons from the martial arts – take a tool, technique, or method and use it up as many ways as possible until you understand it.

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