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Looking for advice, bids, and suggestions:

I have a 1950’s era Cape with these sort of cardboard/wood pulp tile ceilings:

Ceiling tiles

(click for larger image)


Ceiling tiles

This is in a room that is approximately 144 sq. ft.

I want to get them replaced with this kind of ceiling tile from Armstrong, available at the big box home improvement store of your choice:

Ceiling tile

A few questions:

1. Has anyone done anything like that, and if so, is this the approach you would recommend, or is there a better/more efficient/more cost effective method for replacing an old ceiling like this?

2. What would you budget for this? The tiles are about 92/box, and each box is about 29 sq. ft., so off the bat it’s500 for materials. What’s reasonable labor from an insured contractor to get this sort of thing done? Is it a DIY project for the reasonably unskilled?

If you’re in the metro Boston area and a contractor (or really enjoy traveling at your own expense), you are more than welcome to make an offer/bid! Either leave it in the comments or email me from this comments page.

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