Want to take breakfast on the go but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for pre-packaged snack bars?

Got a fussy eater in the house that won’t eat a decent breakfast no matter what?

Make ’em pancake “snacks”!

Here’s how. Take the homemade or store-bought pancake batter of your choice and when mixing it, double the amount of liquid. For example, on a popular brand of pancake mix, it calls for 2 cups of mix, 1 cup of milk, and 2 eggs. Change it to 2 cups of mix, 2 cups of milk, and 2 eggs. If you want to go for a sweet taste to the final product, substitute the increased liquid volume or a portion of it with your favorite maple syrup.

Pancake snack

For best results, stir until your arm aches or use common sense and a blender. Blend until smooth.

In a skillet, spray with your favorite non-stick coating. Pour just enough mix to cover 3/4 of the bottom of the pan, then swirl around to distribute the mix. If you’ve ever made crepes, it’s about the same amount of batter – very thin.

Pancake snack

Cook on medium low heat for 3-4 minutes each side, flipping twice. It’s done when it’s somewhat stiff (but not rock hard) and golden brown.

Immediately slap it on a cutting board and cut it into slices, then let it cool. As it cools and the last of the moisture evaporates, it turns into pancake crackers.

Pancake snack

If they’re not quite crisp, toss the cracker pieces back in the skillet at very low heat to dry them out completely.

The wonderful thing about this “snack” is that nutritionally, it’s the same as serving a regular pancake, only it’s a lot neater and the crispy texture appeals more to people (adults and kids) who like a “snack” feel. If you have special dietary needs like gluten-free or dairy-free, simply substitute your pancake mix with the one above, and you can make the exact same recipe.

Happy “snacking”!

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