The Little Things Bring the Good Life

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  • When your bed at home is more comfortable than any hotel’s…
  • When you look forward more to your kitchen’s creations than a restaurant’s…
  • When you’re more eager for vacation to end so you can get back to regular life than you are for regular life to end so you can vacation…

… you are living the good life.

And if you’re not living that life right now, look around to see what resources you can move around to help you get there. Think about it for a minute. Is it wiser to spend 500 on a vacation that will last a few days, or spend500 on an incredibly comfortable mattress that you’ll spend 6-8 hours a day on for the next few years? Is it wiser to spend 50 on dinner out or50 on the freshest, best quality ingredients you can find and make something even better at home – and likely have leftovers to spare?

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This works professionally, too. Are you better off spending 2500 to attend a conference or to upgrade your computer and monitor? One will last a few days and might have some professional benefits, but the other you might be sitting in front of for 8-12 hours a day, and the faster and more capable it is, the faster and more capable you are. Are you better off spending500 on a new logo or faster Internet access for a year? One will have intangible benefits, to be sure, but the other will make every online interaction more productive.

Here’s the last word on this: the more that you can make your everyday life a bit better, a bit more comfortable, a bit more relaxing, the more that your everyday life will support your quest for increased prosperity and happiness. Little things matter! Every day in your normal life puts you a little closer or farther away from your goals in life. If your daily surroundings are working against you, making you less relaxed, less focused, less productive, then your goals will simply drift out of your grasp. If your daily surroundings recharge you, focus you, take away unnecessary discomfort, and let you unleash more of your potential, then your goals will suddenly seem a lot more achievable.

Are you living the good life?

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3 responses to “The Little Things Bring the Good Life”

  1. That’s exactly why we just moved to the beach.  Why wait for a retirement “someday” if you can make it happen now?

  2. Bravo Chris- aMEN to that! I’ve gone out to dinner about 3 times in the last 6 months- and that’s by choice. Going out to dinner is perhaps the worst use of money out there- especially when priorities now are educating children..

  3. Well said. It allows us to think about our life and how to make it more happier.

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