Hopkinton State Park Autumn Foliage HDR Trail Photos

I woke up this morning to delightfully crisp autumn air blowing through my window. The cool air, evoking memories of apple cider, brilliant leaves, photo walks, and Halloween, heralds in one of my favorite seasons.

Seattle Trip 2010 Day 6

Amazing and astonishing that something as simple as the right air temperature at the right time of year can have such a powerful effect on us.

Autumn foliage in Hopkinton State Park

Think back over your life for a few moments. What triggers of wonderful memories do you have stored in your head? How easy is it for you to get to them?

Autumn Foliage

Here’s your task for the day. Go find one of the triggers you have control over (smell of bacon or coffee in the kitchen, taste of a food that brings back a rush of memories) and use it today to change your emotional and mental state. Then, after realizing how easy it is to change states, start making a catalog of those triggers so that you can take greater and greater control over the happiness you experience out of each day.

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