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In classical mechanics and physics, momentum is the product of mass times velocity:


  • Want more momentum? Add more mass.
  • Want more momentum? Add more velocity.
  • Want to be unstoppable? Pile on mass and velocity.

We talk about momentum in marketing. A campaign has momentum, a meme has momentum, a project needs momentum. How do you get more momentum for your marketing campaigns? Add mass (content and people) or add velocity (direction and speed).

If your content strategy isn’t gaining any momentum, it’s probably because you have mass but no velocity. Boulders don’t move themselves, and content doesn’t market itself. Get out there and share it. Give it a push.

If your social strategy isn’t gaining any momentum, it’s probably because you have velocity but no mass. Try saying something worth listening to. A speck of dust is easy to move quickly, but no one notices it. Try pushing something more substantial.

If you’re deficient in either mass or velocity, you’re not capturing the momentum you’re capable of. Fix them to be in balance, grow them both, and watch your marketing take off.

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