Back issues: personal newsletter, April 2010

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Newspaper and teaI just realized I never got around to posting the relevant content from the back issues of my personal newsletter, so over the next couple of days, we’ll get everyone caught up. Some of the stuff won’t make it here because it’s woefully out of date (like events) so it’ll just be the pieces that are still relevant. If you’d like to get the newsletter when it’s actually released, just click here to subscribe.

April 2010 Issue

It’s been rather busy these past few months since we last touched base. I’m now over at Blue Sky Factory as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, which has given me a chance to create a lot more content, be speaking more often, and be generally doing more stuff. I thought I’d share some of the free resources I’ve created in case you’d like to partake of them and missed them on the blog (hence the title of the newsletter):

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Back issues: personal newsletter, April 2010 1 Back issues: personal newsletter, April 2010 2 Back issues: personal newsletter, April 2010 3

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