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Following someone or something on Twitter indicates a small amount of intent. It takes literally less than a second to follow someone. Replying and conversing does show more intent.

Becoming a Fan on Facebook is the same. Liking something on Facebook indicates a small amount of intent.

Subscribing to someone’s newsletter takes slightly more intent. Reading, forwarding, sharing, and clicking through indicates greater intent.

Mitch Joel asked me to smile...

What does it say about someone, though, who watches all of your videos or listens to all of your audio podcasts? What does it say about someone who tunes in all the time? What does it say about someone who shares every piece of content you create with their social circles and relentlessly flogs other people to tune in?

They are a true fan. They’re dedicated. They believe in you and the information you have to share.

The question is, how well are you treating them? Or are you spending all your time chasing new audience, and ignoring the gold mine you’ve already got subscribed to your podcast?

If you don’t know who your evangelists and true fans are, you probably don’t deserve to have them, and in fairly short order if you continue to neglect them, you won’t.

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