Getting stuff done (video)

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A staff memo turned into a video on how to be more productive by chaining productivity ideas together.

Systems discussed:

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21 responses to “Getting stuff done (video)”

  1. Chris,
    I am a big fan of the GTD system. I don't do the 10*2*5 technique, I have preferred the Pomodoro technique where you focus on a task for up to 25 minutes and reward with 5 minutes of play (or in my case Twitter).

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  3. it’s weird. i do this naturally. some of us do. good video thou chris. and hi btw. 😉

  4. I love these life-hacking tools, Chris. I've been a longtime advocate of the Franklin Covey planner. You could say that I have an integrated approach to my productivity. I'm going to start using 10-2-5 immediately. In fact, I only have another 45 seconds to post this comment and tweet your article. Better hop to it!

  5. My productivity idea is simple: Start Anywhere. Productivity and getting things done is like solving an equation. You just got with two constants, you and progress, and you’ll find the variable. That’s how I complete all my tasks.

    Bumped here from Chris Brogan’s blog. Nice tips 🙂

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  7. Chris

    Rewards are great. Personally I prefer the reward of chocolate or a 44 oz diet pepsi as the self discipline of getting the work done knowing that something you really want is waiting does make us focus on getting the task done.

    With time being so short and trying to cram it all in, it is a whole lot less overwhelming when we can take a break and recharge.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share how you do things in a vid.


  8. Thanks for the video! Even if I use Inbox Zero and GTD (using on my PC and iPhone), I think now I have to test the 10-2-5 system. Seems that it is a perfect support in the combination you presented.

  9. Hi Chrisopher,

    I’ve looking for the best project management tools and methods lately and my system is similar to yours. I did have a few things I’d like your feedback on though:

    – Do you find value in categorizing everything in your inbox? I’ve found that with the volume of e-mails we’re getting at work these days, you might as well just leave everything in the inbox, then search it when you need to look for something. Thoughts?

    – You mentioned that you keep all your to-do items in a text editor. I’ve been doing exactly that, but only as a quick fix until I get a better system in place. As an Account Manager, my to-do list is about 6 pages long. Do you know of a better way to index each task, so you can sort by the due date? Excel seems like the most obvious solution, but damn is it ugly.

    – I also use Google Calendar for the ability to schedule events and bury task details within the task itself (you can copy/paste links, contacts, filenames, etc.). The only problem I’ve found is that although you can categorize timed events as personal or professional, you can’t do the same with tasks. Do you know of a way around this? Or do you use a tool that eliminates this problem? As a side note, I’ve honestly felt more organized and efficient since signing my soul over to Google. I hope they treat it well when I’m not paying attention.

    – Also, why do you need so much hot sauce at your work desk? Put it in the fridge, man!

  10. A great video Chris! Though a huge fan of 43folders, I missed the 10-2-5 system which I’m going to try using. I do use a timer often and it is amazing how much you get done in a system like that.

    I agree that a lot of the GTD systems have a lot of overhead to the actual software instead of the time spent being productive. Also, it’s yet another piece of software to add into the mix that requires checking, updating, etc.

    As a productivity geek, I’d love to see a follow up post where you breakdown the software that you use and even how you use it, especially between your multiple devices.

  11. Chris,

    Great video. I have published it on my Posterous blog. I am in the process of creating my own productivity method called F.I.X IT! (Form – Information – (e)Xecute) and it will based on my experiences of GTD, personal kanban, etc. It will be a simple and straight forward approach and it will be a mix of “non-tech” tools like pen & paper (index card and calendar) and IT tools like Evernote, Gtdagenda and apps, e.g., Put Things Off, Epic Win! and ToDo Map.

    I like the music tune. Do you like hot sauces? 😉

  12. I do process everything in the inbox and clear it.

    For sorting? Text is fine with me.

    I also don’t use Google calendar for task management.

    As for the hot sauce – strangely, I enjoy a spoonful every now and again as is.

  13. Thanks for the reply. One more question though if you don’t mind. Since watching this video a couple days ago, I’ve become an Evernote convert. The only obvious feature I see that’s missing is due dates! There must be a way to add due dates to the notes that I’m missing. Do you have a good workaround?

  14. That’s handled in the GTD contexts – Today, Next, and Someday. If it’s in Today, you need to get moving on it!

  15. I think the (10+2)5 thing is going to work wonders for me.

  16. Don Schindler Avatar
    Don Schindler

    Chris, I’m a big fan of Marketing over Coffee and I caught this video from your newsletter and you also mentioned it in the MoC podcasts. Two touches got me to check it out and it was worth it. Thanks again, Don

    PS. Do you have any great places where I can find demographics on college students? Stuff you used to use.

  17. Shawn Goodin Avatar
    Shawn Goodin

    There is an iPhone application called Method $.99 that supports the 10-2-5 structured procrastination methodology as well as a a windows application called Instant Boss;topic=4430.0;attach=4694

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  20.  Avatar

    Thanks Chris,

    Love the video and I definitely will check out the 10 to 5 system in more detail. Found you in G+.

  21. Thanks for saying that some of the productivity tools have way too much overhead. I’ve tried several, gotten frustrated, and returned to plain ol’ lists typed into Word; but Word didn’t feel high-tech enough. But it’s been effective.

    You’ve given me the words for why the other things didn’t work: too much overhead. categories, sub-categories, delegation elements, color coding, email configuration …

    Thanks. I’m feeling better about my caveman-era to-do lists.

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