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I sent out a request for a recommendation/referral to my LinkedIn contacts this morning for a senior web app dev for Edvisors, knowing full well that there are some recruiters in the list, even though we explicitly state in the job ad that we don’t use recruiters or agencies. More than a few folks sent back pointless commercial pitches or argued about the necessity of their trade, but one guy stood out as someone doing it the right way.

Charles Jo wrote:


Thanks for sending. I forwarded to my network and requested that they contact you directly.

Please do keep me in mind as you start expanding your recruiting/sourcing efforts and when you start using consultants as well.



Charles gets it. He put in some upfront effort with no expectation of commercial gain, and for that, if I do need to retain a recruiter or agency in the future, guess whose card I’m going to pull first? Charles.

None of what we do in social media is all that complicated. None of it requires a degree in rocket science. Some of it is just this simple.

You can see what else Charles has available at his Scribd list. Thanks, Charles, for doing it right.

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