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If you watched my session from Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle Boston, you know that I gave everyone some homework – your favorite grilling item, sent to Justin Levy. While I have lots, I thought I’d share something slightly different. Here’s how I grill, period.

First, I use charcoal because I like fire and lighter fluid. I know lots of people despise lighter fluid as they say it gives food a bad taste. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference on a mature charcoal fire where the fire has had a chance to burn everything off.

What’s different about my fire is that I use random deadfall in my fire as well as briquets. I find that throwing lots of old wood pieces and chips makes for a plenty hot fire with rapidity, and the fireball on ignition is well worth the price of admission alone.

Take a bunch of random wood pieces and build a pile of wood in your grill.

Spring 2009 Random Photos

Make sure there is PLENTY of air space between the wood pieces.

Then put charcoal on top.

Douse with lots of lighter fluid or the accelerant of your choice, then stand well, well back when you light it. Did I mention this part can be dangerous? Lighter fluid plus matches is a dangerous combo.

Spring 2009 Random Photos

In about 20 minutes, you have charcoal that’s hot plus plenty of wood coals as well. You’re ready to grill, assuming you weren’t caught in the firestorm and hospitalized.

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