I’ve been writing a lot of eBooks lately, it would seem. For those folks who are just getting to know me, I thought I’d summarize all the writing in one post so you could go and get the eBooks if you like. All of the eBooks are completely free of charge.

Financial Aid eBooks

Scholarship Search Secrets, Sixth Edition. This is the book I’m most proud of. It goes over how to use Google and other techniques online to find money for college. Of all the eBooks I’ve done, this one I think has made the most tangible difference in the lives of the people who have read it.

2009-2010 FAFSA Guide. The FAFSA eBook is for anyone and everyone having to fill out the latest FAFSA, which the government simplified by adding more questions and making existing questions more complex. Good job, Uncle Sam.

How to Find Cheap College Textbooks. A fun little eBook on various tools and shopping comparisons for the ever-overpriced college textbook.

How to Write a Killer Cover Letter. Take one part copy writing, one part sales, and one part experience as a recruiter and hiring manager, blend carefully, and you get an eBook about how to write a cover letter that doesn’t hit the circular file immediately.

Marketing eBooks

The Twitter Power Guide. Tired of the endless re-runs of “What is Twitter?”, I thought I’d kick it up a notch by creating an eBook of advanced things you can do with Twitter once you’re past the Twitter 101 stage.

Synchronizing Social Networks. Want to do even more with your social networking experiments? Want to preserve the progress you’ve already made and help keep your social media efforts future-proofed? This is the eBook for you.

8 Step Podcast Marketing Guide. Want to get your podcast off the ground? Here’s 8 things to think about and consider as you turn on the microphone.

Social Media Listening in 15 Minutes a Day. A short guide to help you start listening to social media outlets like blogs, podcasts, Twitter, news, and more in an effective, low-risk way. After reading it, you’ll be ready to kick off a social media listening initiative at no cost to you and see what’s important to you and how you market your company’s products or services.

If you enjoy these eBooks, let me know!

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