So here we are. The economy’s down, business everywhere is in trouble, prospects for the future look dim at best. What’s a marketer to do?

The thing to do is to take a moment and strip away everything in marketing that doesn’t matter. Put down for a moment ROI, analytics, metrics, conversation, social media, direct mail, campaigns, all the buzzwords that we insist upon. Put all that away because it clouds our vision.

The soul of marketing transcends all of this, all the technology, all the distractions. The soul of marketing can be boiled down into a simple three part creed. If you work for a great company, this is a formalization of what you already know.

I believe in myself.
I believe in my community and our ability to mutually succeed.
I believe in what I have to share.

I believe in myself. This is where you start. I believe in myself, I believe that I am larger, stronger, more powerful, more capable than any downturn, than any financial crisis or sagging economy, because I believe that I can make things happen in any environment, but especially in a challenging one. I believe that worry, doubt, and anxiety are largely mental limitations and I believe in my ability to go beyond my limitations.

I believe in my community and our ability to mutually succeed. I believe in my coworkers, that we share a common purpose to be successful, to do good, to help each other succeed. I believe that the more I share with my community inside and outside of my company, the more I receive in return unasked. I believe that giving is the greatest pathway to gain, and what I have, I have to share in order for everyone to prosper.

I believe in what I have to share. I believe in the company I work for and the products and services we have to offer. I believe that our goods and services legitimately improve the lives of the people who use them responsibly, and I believe that the company I work for stands behind our shared ideals. I believe that at the end of the day, our community, our customers, and our world is better for us having done business in it, and prosperity will be the natural by-product of the true value we create.

If you can wake up every day and affirm this creed truthfully to yourself, if you can look a coworker, colleague, or supervisor in the eye and feel these truths in action, then no amount of economic hardship will be able to slow you down.

If you wake up one day and you can’t affirm this creed, then you have to either change how your company does business or you have to change companies to one that does business in alignment with your ideals.

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