Earlier this year, we asked our politicians to stand against the bailout, knowing that it would turn into a huge payday for a select few on Wall Street and not help Main Street America. Some did. Some did not. We’ve seen since then how badly abused our trust was, how badly abused our taxpayer dollars are being managed.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House Financial Service Committee accused financial institutions on Friday of “distorting” the government’s $700 billion economic bailout plan by using funds for bonuses, dividends and acquisitions.

We made a promise to Washington during the bailout talks. Vote for the bailout, we vote you out. Listen to your constituents, we listen to you for another term.

Now we have to keep our promise.

You voted for the bailout? We’re going to vote YOU out.

For the Senate:

For the House:

Spread the word. Tomorrow we reward those who exhibited courage, sense, and intelligence with re-election, and we punish those who ignored the counsel of the people to not bail out Wall Street.

Please RE-ELECT those who opposed the bailout!

Please VOTE AGAINST those who voted for Wall Street’s payday!

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